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Re: Coloring Original Art

At 09:16 PM 02/18/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>  But for some reason, coloring the original art-even when
>>done by Tom-that was used for a card or comic book or something like that,
>>just seems not right.  I can't explain why.
>>What does everyone else think?

~~~ I think we're forgetting something.  Tom now colors most if not all his
pieces digitally.  So I'm assuming when the guy who paid Tom to color the
original card art says "I'm having Tom color the original art" he basically
means Tom scans the original, digitally colors it in the computer and has a
nice hardcopy produced to give back to the guy.  Therefor the original art
is not physically altered in any way.  

If that's the way it's being done, then I think that's completely fine.

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