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Well, folks,

I've been unbelievably busy lately, but I have been keeping up with all the
posts, as evidenced by my short answers now and again. Anyway, I want to
let you all know that I won't be at GrooFest this summer. The main reason
is that when we were initially talking about it, it was to be held in the
L.A. area. This would be a good opportunity for me to get together with
some of my friends there. I really have no desire to go to the San Diego
con, so, with the change of plans, I'm opting out. Of course, it would be
great to meet all of you loonies, but I'm hoping another oportunity will
arise. Another thing, I will probably be moving both my home and office at
the end of September, so I will need that time to be working on my search
for properties. I'll be sorry to miss the insanity, but I'll be there in
spirit (haunting you in your sleep!)