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1) No, I haven't seen Eric's writing
2) Yes, I hope to attend the SDCC
3) You people are nuts subscribing to all those lists (me, after just now
catching up on THIS list 4 weeks and 278 messages later)
4) My uncle tells me he used to deliver the Sunday paper to Charles Schulz
and was allowed to watch him draw once in a while
5) Anybody read that new book that's supposed to be the original Klingon
version of Hamlet (just saw it today)?
6) On the ST topic, anyone see the Windows 2000 release "party" with Patrick
Stewart in attendance with Billy Gates?
7) I saw Weird Al live last Sunday - it was GREAT!
8) I'll be seeing Kids in the Hall live this coming Thursday - it should be
stupendous as well!
9) I was bored again, so here's the Top 5 list of last year's post-ers (as
far as I can tell):

Nate Urinetoast - 471 (out of 4684 I have for the year)
Dessessbo Grossman - 349
King of Glorko - 270
Eric "Master of Handwriting" Chun - 243
Ruben "Where's the Beef?" Arellano - 219