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I'm in Groo Grams!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mark and fellow Groopies!

WhooHoo!  Not to mention Wow!, Double-Cool!!, and Far Out!!!!  I made it
into Groo-Grams for the first time since 1987!  I feel so...so...fulfilled!
(or maybe it's just constipation, I'm not sure.)  But there are a couple of
inaccuracies in your comments I feel compelled to point out.  First, while I
do buy every article of merchandise and stuff like posters I can find with
Groo on it, whether the art is unique to that item or not, I only go after
publications that have original, not-previously-published-elsewhere Groo
drawings in them.  So, using your example, an advertisement in Ethiopia that
merely had a reprint or preprint of a Groo cover would not be something I'd
go after. An ad with Groo art done just for the ad, now that would be
something I HAD to have. Of course, sometimes you have to find the thing to
figure that out.

And as for selling my car and house, cars are vastly overrated in the
cyber-age and so are houses, other than for the purpose of housing and
protecting my Groo collection.  And hey, my kids are going to college!  As
for paying for it, I think indentured servitude is a concept whose revival
is long overdue.  And heck, with today's longer lifespans, not being able to
start a life of your own until you are 40 or 50 leaves plenty of time!
Besides, the sooner they go off to college, the sooner I can use their rooms
to display all my Groo items!

Now excuse me, I need to put my Groo jacket on over my Groo sweatshirt and
replace my Groo baseball cap with the Groo hat. It's getting cold in here.
I mean, I was going to pay the heating bill, but this really cool Groo item
came up on ebay and.....

-Gary G.

PS  When is that dish towel coming out?