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A Cry for Help

Dear Mr. Evanier,

First, let me say that I have nothing against you or Mr. Aragones and that
seemingly harmless little comic you produce.  However, I thought you should
know that we just had Gary picked up at the airport as he was about to board
a plane to Ethiopia.  If we hadn't gotten that call from the State
Department asking for more information about gary's alledged plans for a
Cheese Dip and Warm Pork stand over there (it's a predominantly Moslem
nation),  I don't know what would have happened.

All I ask is that in the furture when you make a joke about some Groo item
in a far off land, you add a little disclaimer.  It would be greatly
appreciated.  -Becky Grossmann

PS  Where should we send the Subpoenas to you and Mr. Aragones for the
competency hearings.  And by the way, do you have any idea why Gary hid all
our dish towels?