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Re: OT: Nate needs you!

How about try selling it in Malaysia?  I knew a
popular comic shop chain and
some other comic book shop too here.


Nate Piekos wrote:

> I've made up full-color flyers promoting LINT McCREE
> compliling a list of independent-friendly comic
shops that I could mail it
> to.  If any of you out there think your local shop
would carry something
> like LINT ( http://www.piekosarts.com/lint )  please
drop me a line
> (privately) and give me any info you have on them
(Name, city, & state is
> necessary, website address would be great -- I can
find the exact street
> address via the net, but if you have it, that would
save me some time too.)
>  I just want to send them a single page, full color
flyer (it's super
> cool!)  with info on how they could order copies.
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