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Re: I laugh at thee, Gary Grossman

> From: <DanielBron@aol.com>
> Subject: I laugh at thee, Gary Grossman

Most people do.

> To Gary:
> Ha! YOU got into Groo Grams?  YOU did?  Ha!  Ha I say unto thee, and I
mock >thy pathetic letter.

So what's your point?

> I not only got into Groo Grams, but I forever changed the face of a Groo
> comic.   I not only get text in the letters page [for the THIRD time, mind
> you], I got GRAPHICS too.  That's right, you heard me.  I got me an
> Sergio goat-sketch drawn RIGHT IN the letters page!  So Na na na na boo

Sorry, Danny boy, but Kevin Hall has you beat by a mile.  Kevin is too
modest to point this out, but In Dark Horse Groo Mini Series No.1, Issue #2,
Kevin wrote a letter comparing Groo to Don Quixote.  Sergio did a drawing of
DQ attacking a windmill that took up almost half a column and Mark spent
almost half a column responding to Kevin;s letter.  On the next page, there
is a drawing of Groo & Rufferto being chased by villagers with a burning
windmill in the background that Groo has obviously destroyed.  In other
issues Sergio has drawn Groo climbing out of a computer monitor in response
to Josh Jones first writing in and telling the print world about Groo.com
and I particularly remember a drawing of Chakaal on steriods in response to
a woman writing in about how tough she was, or something like that.

> So Gary, who's top dog noow? -TGD

Well, Rufferto, of course!  (Boy, what a silly question!)

> PS:  I presume you've found the hidden Groo (is there more than one?) in
> Sergio Stomps Star Wars.

Haven't had a chance to read it yet.  Take care all -Gary G.