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The winner is ...

I meant that I was the only one who got a sketch drawn in the letters column 
at his request.  But you're right, there were other, better illustrations 
"dedicated" to other (non-TGD) people.

Actually, if you want to get technical the real winner of "greatest effect on 
the Groo comic book" is Herman "Hermit" Wilson in issue 52.  In the letters 
page he demands that Sergio/ME either use the phrase "What manner of wizardry 
is this?!" or the phrase "You fiend" with the word "fiend" underlined with a 
squiggly line.  And, what do you know, on page    15 of the same issue, both 
demands are met.  He has my vote for the win, because he not only effected 
the letters page (which traditionally IS defined by readers), but actual 
comic itself, as well.  Are there any other contenders?


PS:  I still beat Gary though, I think he sent me 10 (yes TEN) copies of that 
letter just 'cause he was jealous.

PPS:  Maybe we could make another annual Rufferto category out of this.