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Re: The winner is ...

> Actually, if you want to get technical the real winner of "greatest effect
> the Groo comic book" is Herman "Hermit" Wilson in issue 52...

No question about it!  Herman Wilson is the alltime champ for getting the
coolest response (or however you want to designate it) to his letter. I give
him the nod over a few others whom Mark turned into running gags in Groo
Grams for the reasons TDG outlined.

> PS:  I still beat Gary though, I think he sent me 10 (yes TEN) copies of
> letter just 'cause he was jealous.

No, I sent them because I am a computer idiot.

> PPS:  Maybe we could make another annual Rufferto category out of this.

What category do you mean?  Person who gets the coolest response from Mark
in the letters column or person who handles an e-mail program problem in the
most Groo-ish manner?  -Gary G.