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Re: The winner is ...

Ummmm.... perhaps this one will strike argument.

I had been reading Groo since Epic #8 and also enjoyed reading Groo Grams.
It was always full of the same questions and other groo nonsense. Well, in
Groo #61, my letter asking the simple question "Why does my baby sister keep
crying?" Got published... it had nothing to with Groo at all... After that
issue a trend seemed to start where it was almost always expected to see a
letter that had nothing to do with the Groo comic (at least I noticed that).
Anyway, since then I have always thought to myself that I was the one who
started that change in Groo Grams. I did write a letter to Mark asking if I
had been the one who started that and he stated that he doesn't remember but
it is possible...

Maybe? Maybe not... but it's always been a personal though of mine that I

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Are there any other contenders?