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Pacific Groo Prices

Pacific Groo prices can be pretty weird as far as what they go for on ebay.
If you are talking about a store, I'd go $5-$10 for #1 and $4-$8 for #7.  I
have no idea what price guides say, I'm just going by what I've seen.  It
all depends on where you are and how desperate/impatient you are.  Some
folks try to gouge you.  Others don't know what they are doing.  And
sometimes you get lucky.  Ebay sales are usually in a lot and if they are
not, you end up paying a lot of postage for one or two comics.

I'm not sure I'm any help, but at least maybe now you have a vague
dea.  -Gary G.

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> Alrighty, I found the groo and rufferto together at the newstand and the
> rufferto in the Darth scene, but where is the other Groo. (Well, sergio is
> groo less teh swords, but otehrwise where is it?)
> As an aside: I was just looking at a Pacific #1 and #7,  can anyone tell
> what a reasonable price is for them..  Please state money in either US or
> Canadian dollars..
> Y'all have a good day.
> - Law
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> > I found them, i found 2 groos, 2 rufertos (one is with a groo) and even
> one
> > magnor, it may me feel nice all around...
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> > Faustino
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