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Re: You're a Good Man, Charles Schulz!

I've been following Sparky's comics since 1968, when I got The Peanuts
Treasury for Christmas, before I could read.  We've had the Peanuts for
so long that it still hasn't sunk in that there won't ever be any new
Peanuts strips coming out.  I'm glad that Charles Schulz hung in there
for so long.  He sure will be missed.  Most successsful comic strip
artists seem to burn out quickly nowadays.  At least we have Sergio
Aragones still going strong and hanging in there!
All the best,

Eric Chun wrote:

> Hi guys/grrls!
> I woke up at 5:15 a.m. this morning, and drove to
> Santa Rosa.  There, I had the privelege of seeing
> the Charles M. Schulz Memorial at the Burbank
> Center (from the 2nd floor).  The 1st floor was
> reserved for Schulz's family, friends, and guests.
> 4 of Schulz's kids read speeches of memories of
> their dad, and the last prepared a slide show.
> Schulz's 2nd wife, Jean, also read a speech.
> Special guests included Cathy Guisewite and Billy
> Jean King.  The event concluded with root beer
> and chocolate chip cookies -- Snoopy's favorites!
> This marks the end of an era!!!  Schulz was, with-
> out a doubt, the greatest comic strip cartoonist
> there ever was ...
> After the event, I spotted two more notables in
> the lobby -- Steve Leialoha and Sergio Aragones.
> See you.
> Eric
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