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Groo in SSSW, New Groo

Hi Folks!


Hey, Faustino!  You are good!  Did you also notice the back of Alfred E.
Newman's head in the same scene in which Groo is a pilot?  It's a lot more
obvious cuz it's in the middle.   Also, for whatever it's worth to my fellow
Groo searchers, I don't count Rufferto drawings when they are not with Groo
because Rufferto is also Sergio's dog and so a Rufferto drawing without Groo
is not clearly a Groo Character sighting.

Without saying anything specific about the plot, I think the current Groo
mini-series is the best so far!!  In fact, I think it might be my favorite
Groo story since Wager of the Gods (not counting #100, which has it's own
special place in my pantheon of favorite Groo stories).  To me, the artwork,
the wordsmithing, the "message", and the overall story are all meshing
together fabulously!  I'm just really loving it!  Some of the artwork has
really jumped out at me more than usual.  A couple covers and several pages
have been added to my fantasy-in-your-dreams-Grossmann list of Original Groo
art that would be cool to have hanging up in my home some day. (Or is that
in my shed.  Or in my two-sheds?)

I can't wait for issues #3 & #4.  Mark and Sergio must have some great
surprises for us because the story seems to be set up to end at #3 and
obviously it will not.  btw, when I say something like "we usually know what
will happen", I mean that only in the most general of senses. One of the
brilliant things about Sergio & Mark's Groo stories are all the new and
creative ways they come up with for Groo to screw-up and reach the "typical"
Groo conclusion of the people getting what they deserve, making their point,
and Groo leaving a wake of destruction.  This is not easy folks!!  And then
sometimes they throw us a curve and in addition to the creative ways that
Groo Groos, things DON'T end up in the general way we expect.  (The Conan
writers have a similar problem of coming up with a story that isn't just a
repeat and keeping the tension going even though the reader knows Conan
won't die and the bad guys will. Many times the writers do not succeed)
Anywho, like I said, I'm really enjoying this story from every perspective!

Take care all -Gary G.