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Sergio Stomps Star Wars and a definite Groo-ism

A dumb story of my day.

After work yesterday, I went looking for Sergio Stomps Star Wars, since
I just noticed from this list that it was out (what did they mean slow).
 Both Comic Book stores I stopped at were out.  Both said "We only
ordered  a few copies, and those sold the first day".  Both said "It's
not a very big selling book".

When I attempted to explain that maybe, just maybe, if they sold out all
of there copies, few as they may be, on the first day, that maybe, just
maybe, they should have ordered more (or try to reorder now).  This was
met with complete blank stares.  I realize dealers don't want to get
stuck with books that don't sell, but you would think some sort of sales
projection could be employed to estimate actual demand.  But that would
take, well, I don't know what it would take.

At which point I called them Mendicants, and left.
     -- "Oh boy is this great!!!"

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>Gary -- check out the letter column in the latest
>Groo issue!!
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>Hi Folks!
>I kind of brought this up before, but now I would like to take a pole.  I
>ran across a guy who purchased about one-quarter of the original art from
>the Groo cards, including the 9-card Wager of the Gods art and the 3-Card
>Fountain of Youth art.  He then had Tom Luth color the art work.
>Now to me, hiring Tom to color a piece of unpublished (generic?) original
>art purchased from Sergio at a convention makes perfect sense and someday I
>hope to do that.  But for some reason, coloring the original art-even when
>done by Tom-that was used for a card or comic book or something like that,
>just seems not right.  I can't explain why.
>What does everyone else think?
>Hey, I just got a call from my comic book shop and they are all excited and
>say I have to come down right away and they won't tell me why.  So I guess I
>better go.  Did the new Groo come in this week?  I thought it was next week.
>Maybe my ornamnet from Diamond finally arrived.
>Bye for now and take care -Gary G.
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