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Re: Sergio Stomps Star Wars and a definite Groo-ism

 but you would think some sort of sales
>projection could be employed to estimate actual demand.  But that would
>take, well, I don't know what it would take.
>At which point I called them Mendicants, and left.

~~~ Well, Jeff.  This is the sad state of comics. When industry legends
like Sergio and ME's work is referred to as, "It's not a very big selling
book".  Pretty freakin sad.  It's depressing actually.  All those
big-boobed, brainless, violent hero comics are the bread and butter of the
world's consumers.  But then again, I'm of the opinion that the majority of
the world's consumers are idiots.  Things like this just prove it.  I think
it really hits home for me because I'm trying to start a career in comics.
And when I hear a story like this it make me feel like I've been defeated
already.  If Sergio's book is "....not a very big selling book"  what
chance do I have?  All this money dissapearing from my bank account to be
spent on my comic production, all the nights I spend at the drafting board
when I could be with my wife..... is it worth it?  God, I hope so.  

We as comic fans need to do something about this situation.... it's only
gonna get worse.  What exactly can be done?  I don't know... but if I did,
I'd make it happen.

~Nate (not having a good day.  Just got my proofs for Lint and they're all
screwed up. -- you'd think after handing them a thousand dollars in
printing costs, the morons could figure out that the credits page goes on
the inside front cover -- and that's just one problem. --- ugh.)

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