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Why comic sales suck

but you would think some sort of sales
>projection could be employed to estimate actual demand.  But that would
>take, well, I don't know what it would take.
>At which point I called them Mendicants, and left.

We as comic fans need to do something about this situation.... it's only
gonna get worse.  What exactly can be done?  I don't know... but if I did,
I'd make it happen.

The problem is that there is no effective marketing campaign or system for
comics.  If the large publishers really wanted to sell comics, they'd mount
a campaign like the milk ads.  But they don't, because comics really don't
make very much money for them at all, and only really serve one function, a
farm for growing properties to use in other media and for merchandising,
where the money really is.  Also, no other medium blames it's fans and
supporters when it doesn't do well (except sports teams, and we know where
that money is too).

Rick Beckley

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