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Re: Why comic sales suck

>The problem is that there is no effective marketing campaign or system for
>comics.  If the large publishers really wanted to sell comics, they'd mount
>a campaign like the milk ads.  But they don't, because comics really don't
>make very much money for them at all, and only really serve one function, a
>farm for growing properties to use in other media and for merchandising,
>where the money really is.  Also, no other medium blames it's fans and
>supporters when it doesn't do well (except sports teams, and we know where
>that money is too).

~~~ So does anyone have a plan as to anything we might be able to do to
remedy this?  I really don't see any organizations trying to change things.
 There has to be something, anything?  There has to be like-minded people
out there or even in the "big leagues" who want to stop this trend.

As for some new organization dedicated to this cause, I think it's members
would have to be very careful that it doesn't end up becoming another
Comics Code Authority... that's the last thing we need.

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