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Re: Gary Grossmann's Funeral Service

Can I eat as much as I want, too?!?


(of course, I'll be the grieving widower.)

>Gary wrote:
>>Thanks for the report Eric.  A memorial service should
>>be a celebration of the persons life, especially for
>>someone who has had a reasonably long and extremely
>>full life.  Sounds like that's what this was like.
>>When I die, I've told my wife and kids that I want
>>everyone to tell funny Gary stories during the service.
>>And at the post-service reception, there must be tons
>>of cookies and cake and ice cream and it is to be
>>announced that kids MUST be allowed to eat as much as
>>they want!  (hopefully, it won't be for a few more
>>decades, but all Groopies are invited)  Take care -Gary G.


Don't take life too serious; it ain't nohow permanent.
                        -Walt Kelly