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Re: Sergio Stomps Star Wars and a definite Groo-ism

Remember the words of President John Adams (or was it John Quincy Adams?),
"The masses are asses!"


>~~~ Well, Jeff.  This is the sad state of comics. When industry legends
>like Sergio and ME's work is referred to as, "It's not a very big selling
>book".  Pretty freakin sad.  It's depressing actually.  All those
>big-boobed, brainless, violent hero comics are the bread and butter of the
>world's consumers.  But then again, I'm of the opinion that the majority of
>the world's consumers are idiots.  Things like this just prove it.  I think
>it really hits home for me because I'm trying to start a career in comics.
>And when I hear a story like this it make me feel like I've been defeated
>already.  If Sergio's book is "....not a very big selling book"  what
>chance do I have?  All this money dissapearing from my bank account to be
>spent on my comic production, all the nights I spend at the drafting board
>when I could be with my wife..... is it worth it?  God, I hope so.
>We as comic fans need to do something about this situation.... it's only
>gonna get worse.  What exactly can be done?  I don't know... but if I did,
>I'd make it happen.
>~Nate (not having a good day.  Just got my proofs for Lint and they're all
>screwed up. -- you'd think after handing them a thousand dollars in
>printing costs, the morons could figure out that the credits page goes on
>the inside front cover -- and that's just one problem. --- ugh.)
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Don't take life too serious; it ain't nohow permanent.
                        -Walt Kelly