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Don't forget Zoltronian New Year's!!

Schechner & Associates wrote:
> Can I eat as much as I want, too?!?
> Glorko
> (of course, I'll be the grieving widower.)

Which reminds me, fellow Groopers! (NOT Groopies, Mark. We've had this
discussion a million times, and even finally conducted a poll last year
at the big Rufferto ceremonies). Besides (new argument), "GroopERs"
implies some sort of action. A Grooper: one who Groops, whereas Groopies
are mindless followers, which may SEEM more appropriate for Groo, but
this Groop is an active bunch!! Nate's doing the whole comic & font
thing, Chris & Gary do illustration type stuff & tax stuff respectively,
not to mention whatever Zoltronians do and their usual quota of Groop
banter, Gary's constantly seeking out new life forms & new civilazations
who've heard of Groo, either to convert them or purchase their Grooish
items, Ruben has the uneviable task of cataloguing Sergio, Eric keeps an
eye on us, holds contests, and welcomes us into the fold, etc. etc. You
get the idea!! These people are DOers...maybe mindless...but DOers

I mean, if you put it in print that we're Groopies, then it'll be
true...at least that's what we've been told. ;)

Oops...I digressed a bit...what I MEANT to say was: remember, it's only
1 week to Zoltronian New Year!!