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Re: comic sales

Nate Piekos wrote:
> >The problem is that there is no effective marketing campaign or system for
> >comics.  If the large publishers really wanted to sell comics, they'd mount
> >a campaign like the milk ads.  But they don't, because comics really don't
> >make very much money for them at all, and only really serve one function, a
> >farm for growing properties to use in other media and for merchandising,
> >where the money really is.

Actually, I think it's just a case of "how much is enough?". Comics DO
make some money, or CAN make some money, but obviously not as much as
movies & toys. I REALLY wish that there were a company or two that would
just be happy to always be in the black & kick out some GOOD comics. If
they want a separate division that makes oodles on merchandising, that's
fine, but it's a shame that one completely controls the other.

Maybe a conglomerate of comic creators? People talk about how creators
have started up companies in the past...but to tell you the truth, I
didn't see a real difference from the existing companies as far as
licensing & greed. I think the only reason Mark & Sergio have been able
to keep doing the quality "not big selling" (sheesh!!) comics they do is
because they've worked hard (very hard), fought whatever fights they
needed to, stuck by their guns, and retained COMPLETE control over their
product. Can't have been the easiest way, but the difference
shows...yes? :)