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Misc. Stuff

Hi Folks!

OK, combined post time:

Mr. Fitchell Wrote:

>Well, in
>Groo #61, my letter asking the simple question "Why does my baby sister
>crying?" Got published... it had nothing to with Groo at all... After that
>issue a trend seemed to start where it was almost always expected to see a
>letter that had nothing to do with the Groo comic (at least I noticed
>Anyway, since then I have always thought to myself that I was the one who
> started that change in Groo Grams.

Sounds like you are a candidate for the Top 10 of letter writers to me!

Re: Comic Sales

Mark has been telling us about this appalling self fulfilling prophesy for
years and although the dumbies who do it may not be mendicants now, they
certainly will become mendicants if they don't wise up. My local store
owners are major Sergio & Mark & Stan fans so there are always plenty on
hand for a month or two.  Then they are usually gone.  Olympia is a small
town 30 & 60 miles from Tacoma & Seattle and 110 miles from Portland and I
can almost guarentee that it sells more Sergio, Mark, & Stan stuff than any
other one store in those cities.  I think it's because they know that good
comics will sell (what a concept!).  Maybe not all on the same day, but if
they are good, the word will get out and after a few weeks or even months
(as someone "discovers" #3 and must get #1 & #2)  I have seen people come in
say "Hey!  I didn't know they were still publishing Groo!"  And they buy it
on the spot!

As to the comic book companies, I am by know means truly knowledgeable, but
it seems to me Dark Horse has the right idea.  Latch on to high profile,
commercial, $$$ producing stuff like Buffy & Star Wars & Zena as they come
up and get a piece of that pie, while giving folks like the Groo Crew and
others in the Maverick line the oopurtunity to produce a broad spectrum of
comics on their own terms.

OK enough serious commentary:

Glorko wrote:
Subject: Re: Gary Grossmann's Funeral Service

> Can I eat as much as I want, too?!?
> Glorko
> (of course, I'll be the grieving widower.)

Gee, I just assumed that you would cremate me and eat the ashes in the
Zoltronian tradition.  But you can eat cake and other stuff too.  Just don't
push the kids out of the way.

Kevin Wrote:

> Which reminds me, fellow Groopers! (NOT Groopies, Mark. We've had this
> discussion a million times

Ha and double Ha!  It's Groopies whether you like it or not and I don't care
what the vote was.  Abe Lincoln only got 39% of the popular vote, so there!!
(I have no idea what that has to do with anything, but Glorko brought up
presidents, so i thought i would too) Actually, Mark has used both terms in
Groo Grams.  And by the way, Kevin, didn't I give you command of the
underwater aircraft carriers on the condition you support the use of the

> >Oops...I digressed a bit...what I MEANT to say was: remember, it's only
> >1 week to Zoltronian New Year!!
> (And a certain Mr. Evanier turns 48 two days later!)

And Early Happy Birthday Mark & Glorko!!!  Knowing me, I will forget on the
actualy day.  I am only a couple years behind you, but I look older. I'm
working on becoming a wizened old fart.  I've been told I have part of that
down pat already.

And Finally, Elie Harriett wrote:

> I had the misfortune to direct our
> University's Jazz Band today wearing a Star Wars tie and a Superman Tie
> Pin.  The group almost bludgeoned me to death with their saxophones.  I
> had to remove the pin or they wouldn't play.

What did they want, a Star Trek tie & Spiderman tie pin?  What would they
have done if you'd warn a Groo t-shirt?

Take care all -Gary G.