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Groo News From M.E.

Okay, it's about time I brought everyone up to date...

After the current GROO mini-series is finished, the next Sergio-Mark
project from Dark Horse will be a four-issue mini-series entitled
SPACE CIRCUS.  It's the story of a little boy on present-day Earth who
runs off to join an interplanetary travelling circus.  Full-color.  I
think the first one's supposed to be out in June but I'm not sure.

After that, we'll be doing another GROO mini-series.  Not sure what
it'll be about.  And before the end of the year, we expect to do
another book like SERGIO STOMPS STAR WARS in which we trash a
different property.  We're deciding between a couple and I'll announce
which one it is as soon as things are set.  

We're also doing a couple of short stories that will appear in Dark
Horse's STAR WARS TALES anthology book.  They're not scheduled yet and
I'll try to give you fair warning when they are. 

(Here's a Top Secret Hint for members of the Groop: The idea here is
that we will do a number of Sergio-Mark tales set in the STAR WARS
universe.  Then, when we have enough pages, Dark Horse will put out a
trade paperback that will reprint SERGIO STOMPS STAR WARS, plus all
the Star Wars tales we've done.  I can't guarantee that's what will
happen but that's the current plan.)

We're hoping to arrange with Dark Horse to release a collected
paperback of THE MIGHTY MAGNOR around December or next January, and
then we'd follow it with a new four-issue mini-series.  But that's not
definite yet.

The GROO AND RUFFERTO trade paperback comes out in April.  We have a
very unusual text feature in the back which I hope you'll think is
worth the price of the whole book.

The next GROO collection is called THE GROO JAMBOREE and it reprints
#37-40.  We've finished the covers and intros for it and I think it
comes out in June.

The one after will be THE GROO KINGDOM, which will be in October and
it goes slightly out of sequence, reprinting #41, 42, 43 and 46.
Then, if we get that far, THE GROO LIBRARY will reprint #44, 45, 47
and 48. 

In the way of non-Sergio work, I wrote a four-issue mini-series for DC
called SUPERMAN AND BUGS BUNNY.  First issue comes out at the end of
May.  It's very silly so perhaps you'll like it.

We will be announcing a new piece of GROO merchandise shortly.  I
can't tell you what it is but if you have a lot of books on your
shelves that are falling over, you may want to buy a set of the new
items to prevent this.

Sergio and I have no store appearances planned and no conventions
until San Diego.  I might turn up for a day or two of Wondercon, which
is the first week of April in Oakland...but that's not definite.

Okay, that's all.

Mark Evanier - PMB 303 - 363 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036