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This, that, and the other thing ...

Hi guys/grrls!

Check out the Peanuts Quilt:

I sent in the picture on Row 26 Column 1
(Snoopy with a typewriter, on top of his
dog house).

You can still send in a picture.  Click
on "About the Quilt" at the bottom of
the page.

Miscellaneous ramblings:

There was a hidden message in a comic book
that said "Gary -- look for Groo" (or some-
thing like that).  So, combined with his
biography in the latest Groo Grams, I'd
have to say that Gary rocks!

Congratulations to all the groopers /
groopies or whatever who got letters printed,

Kevin didn't want to blow his own horn, but
he's a do-er.  He was the mastermind for some
web sites, and put Gene Colan in biz on Ebay.
Plus, he worked on the Rufferto awards.  So,
I'd have to say that Kevin rocks!

In 1995, Pacific Groo #1 was worth $30.  One
person at Wondercon purchased a 2nd copy for
$30 to get it signed by Sergio.  He had a
copy before, but his house burned down, and
the Pacific Groo #1 burned down with it.  I
purchased my copy for $14 (when it was worth
$30) and thought I got a good deal.  Now,
someone said it was worth $10?!?  Good grief ...

See you.

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