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Re: Groo News From M.E.

In a message dated 2/24/0 12:53:49 AM, me@evanier.com writes:

>We will be announcing a new piece of GROO merchandise shortly.  I
>can't tell you what it is but if you have a lot of books on your
>shelves that are falling over, you may want to buy a set of the new
>items to prevent this.

COOL!!! I really, really, really need a new pair of Groo bowling pins! The 
non-Groo bowling pins I currently use don't seem to do a very good job of 
keeping my books from falling over; in fact, they themselves seem to fall 
over way too easily. 

This puzzles me, because in their natural habitat (the bowling alley) I have 
a pretty hard time making ANY of them fall down at all! How can this be!!!?

-Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy