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Re: Groo News From M.E.

In a message dated 2/24/0 3:17:14 AM, m00rst@hotmail.com writes:

>I think it would be a great idea 
>(translation: I'd buy it and enjoy it) if Groo central released a 
>compilation of all the Groo Grams from days of yore?

>?Perhaps it has already been discussed and shot down, in which case I welcome
>all warranted reproval...

Suppose we convince Mark and Sergio that this is a fun and profitable idea. 
Then suppose they convince DARK HORSE that this is a fun and profitable idea. 
Now suppose there really are plenty of FANS out there who think that this is 
a fun idea. 

You know what? I really couldn't imagine very many comic book stores buying 
this book when so many are afraid to stock new, unproven titles. 

It REALLY IS a fun idea though.


Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy