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Re: Groo News From M.E.

if the publisher don't want to publish it, how about
publish it on the web Mark,  You 
put it at your homepage of even can put it at groop
members web homepages and 
sort it by issues  the letters were printed.


SheikOfEntropy@aol.com wrote:

  In a message dated 2/24/0 3:17:14 AM,
m00rst@hotmail.com writes:

  >I think it would be a great idea
  >(translation: I'd buy it and enjoy it) if Groo
central released a
  >compilation of all the Groo Grams from days of

  >?Perhaps it has already been discussed and shot
down, in which case I 
  >all warranted reproval...

  Suppose we convince Mark and Sergio that this is a
fun and profitable idea.
  Then suppose they convince DARK HORSE that this is a
fun and profitable idea.
  Now suppose there really are plenty of FANS out
there who think that this is
  a fun idea.

  You know what? I really couldn't imagine very many
comic book stores buying
  this book when so many are afraid to stock new,
unproven titles.

  It REALLY IS a fun idea though.


  Larry S. AKA The Sheik of Entropy

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