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Sorry to be so off topic, but I know many of you have expressed interest in
ordering a copy of Lint McCree Mysteries #1.  This is the last time you'll
hear about it.

I just want you guys to know that I'm cutting Groop members a deal.

Originally we decided to underprice LMM#1.  We gave it a 2 dollar cover
price.  Now, at the 11th hour, we've figured out that it's just not
possible.  It will work against us in the long run.  So we have to up the
price to $2.95.  There's just no other way to do it. We're incredibly sorry.  

But here's the groop deal:

Any groop members who can send me the original cover price of $2.00
(+shipping) by Friday, March 3 will get the book anyway.  I just thought
that you guys have helped me out and as a personal thank you, I insist that
you guys pay the lower price.

All info on ordering the book can be found in the HIRING FEES section of

Sorry, for this, and for being "OT"

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