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Many Groo cheers

Since I haven't posted in a while, I'd like to share
my most recent Groo encounters.

A long time ago I sent money to Wondercon for the #9
program that has Groo on the cover.  I hadn't gotten
it in the mail for so long, I thought that I got
screwed out of it.  But about a week ago, guess what
is lying on the kitchen counter? A package from
Wondecon!!  I was very happy to get it.
I also got the Groo autograph card #1 from Things From
another World by chance!(they sent three random
autograph cards from the SDCC with every order a while
back)  This was about the same time that Mark sent
anyone who wanted one the sutograph card that promoed
"Groo and Rufferto."  So my Groo collection is nearing


Jacob S.
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