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Groo: Mightier than Swords

Howdy all,
I finally got the first two issues. The local store here sells out quickly and they had to back order #1 for me.
Which I am glad they did, I was surprised to see a Letter of mine in Groo Grams. Anyway, so far
I like this series. I think the message being sent about how the written word has power is a very good
topic. People seem to have a false sense of security and comfort if they see something written down
or something they read. Over time many people think that what we read must be the truth and that people
do not lie when writing. Add in the Sergio/Evanier element and Groo and its been a fun story so far. I am
looking forward to the next issue which I am guessing will show the last brother's attempt at the throne
and his failure. Since each issue so far has focused on a brother, and its a 4 part series, makes me
wonder what the 4th issue will be about. Perhaps Pipil's Khan last stand against Gwoo? :)