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RE: New Member introduction

>Anyway, I guess I only have one question for now:  Are Mark and Sergio still 
>hiding secret messages in issues of Groo?  Back in the early days of Epic, 
>every issue used to have a secret message.  I was terrible at finding them, 
>though--with most of them, I had to wait until they revealed the secrets
in a 
>later letters page.  Anyway, my memory is fuzzy but I seem to remember that 
>after a while they decided to stop doing secret messages.  However, in issue 
>#2 of Mightier Than the Sword there is some small cryptic writing at the 
>bottom of a couple pages (one of them is the last page of one of the 
>chapters...I don't have my copy with me to be more specific).  I can't
>out what those words are for, unless they are a hint to a secret message.  

The words you are talking about are: NIGHT TRRAIN BERGEN OSLO, wonder what
that means...