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Re: Ruffies

Gabriel Owens wrote:

> ps:  When do the Ruffies ballots come out this year?

There isn't really an "academy" formed to take care of it this year
(yet). I made the suggestion last year that us folks who did it that
year ought to just pick the folks we thought should do it this year (and
then from now on, the previous year's academy picks the next year's
academy). I thought it would make an offbeat cool & fitting in the Groo
style tradition. But Nate got pragmatic on me (yes, I had trouble
believing that, too!). Who would have thought that Nate would be the
voice of sanity!

He pointed out that we could pick people who might leave the Groop, or
that find themselves totally swamped (as I know he & I are right now).
But I say "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead, Mr. Scott!! Or, we
could just let some folks volunteer this year like we did last year... 
For all the new Groopers, can someone point them to the Ruffie page one
more time, and then everyone can chat about whether we do it this year
again, etc.