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Re: New member introduction

I agree with Charles!  (especially about the insane part)  -Gary G.

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Sent: Monday, February 28, 2000 8:25 PM
Subject: RE: New member introduction

> I think the reduced references to cheese dip were due largely in part to
> DARE program and the presidential "Keep Kids off Drugs (and cheesedip)"
> campaign.  Now, I COULD be utterly and irrevocably insane on this point,
> I'm sure it's the truth (yes, the truth is out there).
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> > Knowledge of Groo?  What's to know?  Cheese Dip, mulch, mendicant.  Know
> >  these and you are set!
> Speaking of cheese dip, I haven't noticed many (any?) references to this
> delicacy in the Dark Horse minis so far.  Was Groo's love of cheese dip
> toned
> down at some point in the past or is this just a "slow period" for the
> cheese
> dip gags?