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Re: Groo

Hi e}{ile!

Mark has told us the plan is for 4-part series for the indefinite future
because they love doing Groo, but they also want to do other things and they
found the every month grind, which they did for 11 years straight, too
restricting in that regard.  Also from the business side, trade paperbacks
are where it's at these days and 4-part series that later come out as trade
paperbaks work out well.

As for the Sketch card your friend has, well, tell him it's not really
valuable because it's just a little sketch like thousands and thousands that
Sergio has done for free for folks when he signs comics.  But if it would
make him feel good, I'd trade him a couple IG cards for it. (Hee-hee, just
kidding.  People have paid anywhere from $100-$500 for one of those things.
I know where 8 are-don't have one myself-Argghh!- including 4 owned by
members of the Groop.  Also Stan Sakai has one that Sergio pulled from a

Welcome to the goofiness-Gary "insomniac" Grossmann

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> Ok I guess I should introduce myself and my claim to insanity. My name is
exile and im an australian Groo collector I have the whole pacific line
neally all of marvel and all the other short Groo series that are out I have
the entire set of Groo cards and my Friend who is a Groo fan got a sketch
card the Mendicant. he was wondering if anyone else out ther has one and
what the picture is off...his is of sergio drawing Groo. My question to you
guys is do you think after this latest groo series (Groo Mightier than the
sword) there will be more..... and mabey sergio could do a series that goess
for more then just 4 issues or something like 6 or 10.
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