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Well, I finally did it!

Hello all you Groopies,

Well, I finally did it - I was at a card/comic shop last night buying a
few goalie cards and I decided to wander into the comic
section..........and after a groosome decade+ hiatus I finally bought a
Groo comic (#1 Dark Horse issue)!!  Ahhhhhhhhh.........it starts.  Guess
I'm eventually going to get back into it eh?  The store had #2, 3 and 4
as well (which I assume were the ONLY 4 Dark Horse issues correct??)
which I will likely pick up tonight!

Take care all of you!  I have to go and read all my groo mail now.
Trish (goalielover)

Tricia Gorman
Office Manager/Executive Assistant/BDS Traffic Manager
Canadian Broadcast Sales