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RE: Usagi action figure

How common is it to see an Usagi action figure?  Well, I'd imagine around
this group its pretty darn common.  (I'm looking at a Sage  action figure
right now, or is that hallucinating?)

Seriously, I don't know about any Usagi action figures, but would appreciate
any information regarding such any of yalzz could provide.  If you are
talking about the Usagi Yojimbo cold cast statue, well, I recently got one
from www.thingsfromanotherworld.com.  It cost $79.95 plus shipping.  Its
quite cool too.  He currently sits next to Groo and Rufferto on my mantle.


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Hey Groop,

Does anybody know how common it is to see a Usagi action figure and
approximately what they cost?



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