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RE: New Member introduction

Yeah, newbies are plentiful, I'm proud to be one!  It IS indeed pretty
MAD around here, but it does seem like fun!  I'm tough anyway (I'm a
goalie!), not easily scared off HA HA!  I'm going to surf ebay now and
see if there's any Groo stuff available (yes, I'm SUPPOSED to be

Trish aka Goalielover

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> From: 	Gabriel Owens[SMTP:dweezil33@hotmail.com]
> Sent: 	28-Feb-2000 20:38
> To: 	groop@groo.com
> Subject: 	Re: New Member introduction
> Newbies, newbies, everywhere, and not a drop of cheese dip!  Welcome
> to the 
> madness.  Hope we don't scare you off like we did Nightflower (and
> Newgodz, 
> and that one guy... hrm).
> Guess we are kinda scary.
> The one and only groper,
> Gabe
> ps:  When do the Ruffies ballots come out this year?
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