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The new series is a 4-issue series like the two previous.

It seems that the Groo creative team are happier doing more than just Groo, and the gaps between series allows them to do other fun stuff like Sergio Stomps Star Wars, The Boogeyman, and The Mighty Magnor.

Myself, I'm not as interested in those books as I am in Groo, so I don't purchase them. But I think it's great if Sergio and Mark want to do them, and if others enjoy them. I'm just happy that Groo lives on, even if it's just 4 to 8 issues a year. There was a time when I feared Groo was gone for good, and how wonderful is it that those fears were in vain!


From: smadz@kricket.net (Troy Cormier)
To: <Groop@groo.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:06:08 -0600

the Groo series that is out now..

how long will it run??

if it is a short run..  why are they doing that..

i would love a monthly Groo comics for years to come...


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