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On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:06:08 -0600, smadz@kricket.net (Troy Cormier)

>the Groo series that is out now..
>how long will it run??
>if it is a short run..  why are they doing that..  
>i would love a monthly Groo comics for years to come...

ME: As others have mentioned, we're doing 4-issue mini-series right
now.  I doubt we will ever do any book monthly again, but market
conditions would have to change before that would even be possible.

To put it simply, dealers seem to take monthly series for granted.
It's like they're thinking, "Oh, we don't have to worry about ordering
too few issues of GROO...we can always raise our orders later on."
But a mini-series needs to be ordered with more attention, so they buy

On top of that, about half the income from our comics now comes from
the paperback collections, and readers seem more interested in buying
a paperback of recent material if it forms one story, as opposed to
four unconnected issues.  (The older reprints are a little different
in this way.)

I loved doing GROO monthly and we have a lot of ideas that would fit
into one issue that don't lend themselves to a mini-series.  But at
the moment, the mini-series format seems to make the most sense.

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