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ME said:
> On top of that, about half the income from our comics now comes from
>  the paperback collections, and readers seem more interested in buying
>  a paperback of recent material if it forms one story, as opposed to
>  four unconnected issues.  (The older reprints are a little different
>  in this way.)

I'm guessing this is probably out of your hands, but it would be great if 
Marvel would bundle more of the Epic run into TPB form.  Or heck, the Image 
run was the perfect length to fit it all into one nice-sized TPB.

One question I've always had about TPBs, though...if so many people prefer to 
buy them as a collected paperback rather than the individual issues, then why 
not just print them in paperback form to begin with and skip the monthly 
installments?  I guess publishers can't go for such long periods of time 
without any cash rolling in while a TPB (or is it a graphic novel at this 
point?) is being developed....