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RE: Story ideas - warning!!

Consider this particular NEWBIE to be warned!  HEE HEE! 

To Ariel:  Fabulous story line regardless!  ;o)


> ----------
> From: 	Sudilovsky, Ariel[SMTP:ASudilov@Calfee.com]
> Sent: 	29-Feb-2000 15:46
> To: 	'Groop@groo.com'
> Subject: 	FW: Story ideas - warning!!
> Newbie?  Newbie?  I assume you mean to the Groop, no?
> Anyhoo, I appreciate the warning.  Fortunately for me and my story
> idea I
> didn't suggest the story to Mark.  I suggested it to the Groop in
> hopes that
> we would all start dreaming about it thereby causing a ripple in the
> Groo
> unconscious which would result in the story getting done.  Phfew!  I
> almost
> blew it there.
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> From: Kevin Hall [mailto:kevin.hall@umassmed.edu]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 3:32 PM
> To: Sudilovsky, Ariel
> Subject: Story ideas - warning!!
> "Sudilovsky, Ariel" wrote:
> > 
> > I have an idea!  I figger that Mark and Sergio MUST need some story
> ideas,
> > so I'm doing my part to help out.
> Now would probably be a good time to let the newbies in on a
> well-known
> Groop fact. If you suggest a Groo story, it is disqualified from EVER
> being done. Mark's warned us repeatedly that he wants to tell original
> stories, and that if he ever has to turn to others for story ideas,
> then
> he it's time to hang up that character or something like that. I hope
> I'm not putting words in Mark's mouth. Anyway, if you ever want to see
> a
> Groo story idea happen, try to beam it directly into Mark's brain, but
> never, NEVER, suggest it. :) Back to your regular programming.
> Kevin