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Hi ME,

I guess it's a lot to do with the fact that kids and teens (the main market I
suppose) are getting diverted away to PC and console games. And it's badly
affecting other mediums for young entertainment like comics.

When Tomb Raider crossed over to comics and toys, it was a big success beacuse
of it's popularity as a game. If there was a Groo computer game and it was
succesful, maybe it'll generate interest in the comic line too ?

Have you or Sergio ever considered or is comtemplating making a Groo computer
game ?

bennido aka kool kat

Mark Evanier <me@evanier.com> on 01/03/2000 09:37:52 AM

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Subject:  Re: GROO SERIES

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:28:41 -0800, Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>

>On that note, M.E., what is the Comic Book Market like right now, from
>being on the inside of the scene?
>Strong? Weak? Are comic books make a slow, but steady, comeback?
>Are we seeing the end of this most happiest of mediums?

ME: The market stinks.  Sales are weak.  There are some indicators
that they're getting weaker, some that they're levelling off...but
none that I can see that show any significant comeback.

We could be seeing the end of the medium but it's more likely that
we'll see it evolve to another form.  Don't ask me what form.

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