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Re: Interesting item on eBay Australia web site item#271493527: PC Groo The Wander No1 signed by Arragones

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 15:20:21 PST, benny_ng@splwg.com wrote:

>I saw this item for sale at eBay Australia and I was hoping the Groop can help me verify whether it's an authentic Aragones signed copy. There's an image on Ebay. Thanks !

ME: That's authentic.  

However, let me announce a special bonus of belonging to the Groop
here.  It's that Sergio and I will autograph any of our books if you
send them to me with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  (And please
be patient, as it sometimes takes a little while.)

We are not doing many signings anymore.  We have given up doing
bookstore appearances...and we generally won't go to conventions where
we're expected to sit and sign all day.  However, we will sign comics
if you want to mail them to the address below.  Limit: Three per
person.  Also, specify if you do or not want them personalized to you.

Mark Evanier - PMB 303 - 363 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036