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Random Responses

Hi Folks!

Man, a bunch of posts, from the ridicules (my favorites) to the sublime.

The Usagi Yojimbo Action figure should not be rare.  I'm sure you can order
one direct from Things From Another World.  I'm too lazy to look up their
address, but you can get to it from www.dhcomics.com  I'm going to be there
on Friday and I'll ask to make sure.

Just to chime in on the story ideas thread:  First, I hardly think that two
(not one, but TWO) story meisters like Mark & Sergio will ever need ideas.
ME is the guy who can simaltaneously write three comic books, write
monologues for comics, and write a couple of TV series while directing a
cartoon show. This is NOT an exaggeration!  (at least it wasn't in the mid
to late 80's.) Sergio is merely a bottomless well of silent gags and has
co-written hundreds stories with folks like Mark.  Once I told him my second
favorite thing he did after Groo were all his King Kong gags.  He told me he
could come up with hundreds more if there was a proper marketing avenue.

However, if we Groopies (That's right, I said GROOPIES!! So ha! and double
Ha!) feel the need to pour our creative juices into a Groo story, we can
write ersatz Groo stories for the Groop's purusal in the same manner we have
done the two round robins.   Which in many ways is no different from the
Groo drawings that we've seen from the Groop.

Re:  Goalie Love?!?!?!?!?!  Hey!  Valentines day just past and now we have a
goalie and a goalie lover?  Could this be the start of our first Groo-line
romance?  Stay tuned!!

Re:  Trade Paperbacks v. Comic books

Silly Newbie!  Of course you have to have the comics before you get to Trade
Paperbacks!  First of all, what would be in the trade paperbacks if they
didn't have the comics to repint in them?  They'd be empty!  And how could
you fit four original covers on the cover of one TPB?  Sheesh!  You gotta
think these things through.

Take care all -Gary G.