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Obviously, they know they'll sell the story twice to the same people (ie Gary and Ruben). Actually, they can reprint the same story a dozen times in slightly different versions and Gary will buy them all. Its a sound marketing strategy, the Gary Market.


From: "Mo orst" <m00rst@hotmail.com>
To: groop@groo.com
Subject: Re: GROO SERIES
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 14:34:18 PST

then why
>not just print them in paperback form to begin with and skip the monthly

~~ So that saps like us will buy both.  (not that we're saps, but that's
the principal.)  Ever notice that a lot of TPB have "extras" in them that
weren't in the comic.  That's the carrot in front of the donkey's nose.
It's more incentive for those who bought the original issues.

Though I agree with much of your sentiment Nate, I also think that the point
of selling comics is that individual issues are cool and fun, and that
collections of issues are fun and entertaining as possesions. The TPB's are
definitely the indulgence, but I don't feel funny buying them when I get
lots of enjoyment out of re-reading them and lending them to friends.

If comics went straight to TPB instead of monthly instalments, then it would
take away from the mysticism that I believe still exists in comics, due to
their delicate and "rag" nature.

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