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Hi guys/grrls!

Stan Sakai was at Fanimecon in Santa Clara this week-
end.  As a result, some people were discussing Usagi,
and mentioned that Sergio drew Groo in the crowd in
a Usagi page for a comic book (or something like that),
without Stan knowing it.  Someone later told Stan
-after- it was printed.  Anyway, you know what that
means!  You have to start buying all of the Usagi
comic books, including the back issues since there
may be original Groo drawings by Sergio!
Bwaa ha ha ha ...  ha!!!

Benny wrote:
Frankly I think TPB are a great idea coz I like to
keep my comics in good condition. With the DH series,
I just read the single issue once and store them
away forever. Then I'll wait for the TPB and use it
whenever I want to rereadthe story.

I would guess a large percentage of the TPB sales are from people who already have the comic books??

Benny wrote:
Pacific Comics Groo The Wanderer Vol.1 No.1 signed
on cover by Creator Sergio Aragones at either super
or wonder-con in oakland.

Looks real. Also, Sergio was the 1st Supercon in Oakland, and probably attends Wondercon every other year (or something like that).

Also, I'm sorry to say that the market for Groo back
issues (and a -lot- of other comic books) has tanked.
At Supercon on Sunday, Pacific Groo #1 (50% off, so
$4.00), Pacific Groo #2 (50% off, so %6.00), Eclipse
Groo Special ($10.00).  I don't remember the dealer's
name.  But, no buyers ...

Also at Supercon, Heroes World (in Campbell) had
multiple copies (like up to 6 each) of Epic/Marvel
Groo #1-10 for $1.00 each or if you buy 50 comics,
they were discounted to $0.50 each.
But, no buyers ...

Grooper wrote:
However, if we Groopies (That's right, I said
GROOPIES!! So ha! and doubleHa!) feel the need to
pour our creative juices into a Groo story, we can
write ersatz Groo stories for the Groop's purusal
in the same manner we havedone the two round robins.

Yeah, all you writers and persons with stories -- submit a Round Robin chapter! Plug Plug

Wait a minute -- according to my dictionary, "ersatz"
means "a substitute of inferior quality"!!!

Gary wrote:
Re: Goalie Love?!?!?!?!?! Hey! Valentines day just
past and now we have a goalie and a goalie lover?
Could this be the start of our first Groo-line
romance? Stay tuned!!

Since they're hockey players, all they need now is a mascot. Volunteers?

See you.

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