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Re: compost

wow .. sounds like really good deals !

But unfortunately, I'm living in Melbourne Australia where the comics scene is
in the dumps. The few comic shops here don't really carry much Groo stuff not to
mention back issues. And, there's really almost nothing in the way of comic

So the only way I can get hold of Groo back issues is through the Net, which
will probably carry much inflated prices in addition to the expensive shipping
costs. <sigh>

bennido aka kool kat

"Eric Chun" <ericchun@hotmail.com> on 01/03/2000 12:43:11 PM

To:   groop@groo.com
cc:    (bcc: Benny Ng/Sydney SPL/Group)

Subject:  compost

Also, I'm sorry to say that the market for Groo back
issues (and a -lot- of other comic books) has tanked.
At Supercon on Sunday, Pacific Groo #1 (50% off, so
$4.00), Pacific Groo #2 (50% off, so %6.00), Eclipse
Groo Special ($10.00).  I don't remember the dealer's
name.  But, no buyers ...

Also at Supercon, Heroes World (in Campbell) had
multiple copies (like up to 6 each) of Epic/Marvel
Groo #1-10 for $1.00 each or if you buy 50 comics,
they were discounted to $0.50 each.
But, no buyers ...