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Re: Usagi action figure

>PS The Thorne (from Bone) statue is about the same
>size but dearer at
>  $295 AUD. It's at these moments that I envy you
your >$99 US price tags
>  for these things.

Actually in the same Sunday newspaper that reprints
Groo in Malaysia, there is also Bone 
Adventures comic series.

>  Suds,
>  I'm guessing that you won't be getting a response
>from ME on this one,
>  because anything approaching a story idea is like a
>stake through the
>  heart to a vampire.  If he looks at your idea and
>uses it, or anything
>  within 5,000 miles of it, he is left open to be
sued >for infringement,
>  etc.

I think he gave the idea as a public domain for others
to use it free of charge.  It's not even 
a shareware.

btw, did Sergio/Mark mention about groop mailing list
in the Mightier Than the Sword?  My 
gusee is a lot of people read about it in that comic
books and join the list (due to the many 
newbies just entered the list).

Btw Mark, What is the market condition for Groo comics
now?  How's the sales? and how 
many copies are printed every issue?  My guess of what
Mark said "we'll see it evolve to 
another form.  Don't ask me what form." is comic books
it might evolve into on-line 
web-based comic where users have to subscribe to it
(paying and read the comic online) or 
in form of CD roms.  These kind of method might
simplify a lot of jobs in producing comic 
books. But i still like to read my comic book in the
traditional way - in form of comic 
books.  Anyway I buy comic books to read it not to
stored them in mint condition but i'll 
take care of them so that it will not damaged.

For me it's OK  Groo being publish in 4 issues format.
 people cannot accuse the groo 
team of ripping-off their fans to buy every issues of
Groo like those who are jealous with the 
success of Manchester United football club (Soccer in
US) on the playing field and on 
merchandise and replica jerseys (where every other
football clubs in Europe are doing the 
same but without being touted as ripping their fan off
to buy those replica jerseys).

The Malaysian grooper, the groo trooper

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