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Re: Groo Cameos

> Does anybody know which specific Usagi issues did Groo appear in ?

Now what kind of question is that?  Of course I know!  It's Vol. 1 #20 from
Fantagraphics, Feb., 1990, page 5.
It's known as the "Kite Issue" and has a caricature of Sergio on a kite on
the cover.  And I think it's #11 that is the "Sergio Tribute issue" with all
sorts of "in" humor that we would all get.

There is also a great Groo/Usagi gag drawing by Sergio on the letters page
of Albedo Anthropomorphics Vol. 1 #3 from Fantagraphics, April, 1985 and
another one in the letters page of Vol. 2 #16 from Mirage, Oct. 1995. There
are two other Groos, but they were draw by Stan. And some of the letters
pages contain drawings of Groo & Usagi, sent in by fans.  (But, of course,
only the ones drawn by Sergio are on the Groo List.)  By the way, I believe
the Mirage Usagi's are colored, but I'm too lazy to verify that.  Stan
decided to go back to B & W when he moved to Dark Horse and I believe most
fans were pleased.

Anymore questions?

> Obviously, they know they'll sell the story twice to the same people (ie
> Gary and Ruben).  Actually, they can reprint the same story a dozen times
> slightly different versions and Gary will buy them all.  Its a sound
> marketing strategy, the Gary Market.
> Gabe

So what's your point?  Actually, it's already happened.  I have the original
comics, the Groo Chronicles, soft covers, and the Groo Chronicles, hard
cover. The Pacific Groos were also printed in 6 languages, so I've got those
too.  And in Spain, they have started reprinting the Epics they already
printed 11 years ago, (they are up to #13-original covers!) , so I'm getting
them too and I STILL don't read Spanish.

btw, whoever talked about them starting up the Epic TPB's must be a newbie.
They started up again last year, only now they are from Dark Horse.  The "J"
one is coming out soon and the H&I ones may still be available direct from
Dark Horse.

Take care all -Gary G.  (who is sick and needs to go to bed)  No, not that
kind of sick, that's a given.  I mean the kind where you drink lots of
liquids and feel like...Oh, hi Eric! Well you know what I mean.