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Re: Groo Cameos

Look up the UY Summer Special (the original issue, a bit rare I'm afraid
but it is also in the first Usagi TPB).  It has a hilarious introduction
by Evanier, a sketch (by Sergio, I think) of the Groo team being chased by
Usagi, and Groo and Usagi (done by Stan) in the background of a village
bumping into each other, with Usagi thinking something like "Scruffy
Barbarian!" and Groo thinking "Stupid Samurai!"  Groo also has tiny mouse
ears in the picture.
	Oh, yeah, there's also a funny pic by Sergio of a striped cat
samurai fighting an octopus.  It cracked me up.

There are a number of other stories where Groo is mentioned or referred
to.  One is Fantagraphics issue 27, in which Usagi offers to tell some
children about his encounter with "the infamous Cheese-Dip
Wanderer!"  Another is Dark Horse # 11, which I think is a sort of homage
to Groo because it has a lot more jokes than the run-of-the-mill Usagi
books, mostly centering around Gen the rhino who is a sort of 'scruffy
mendicant' character.  Also, Usagi says, "Did I err?" at one point during
the story.

Tom Luth and Stan Sakai are still doing their old jobs on the Groo team,
and Luth also colors the Usagi covers and the color specials.  Most of the
Fantagraphics run was in color, but they are reprinted in black and
white.  I like it that way, it makes the covers and occasional color
issues seem more special somehow.  Luth is a great colorist, though, and I
think Sergio's chaotic comics are more readable in color.


PS:  You don't know me, but I'm a lurker.  I've been here for a couble
weeks, so I'm new too.  I found out about Groo a couple years ago because
of Luth and Sakai's involvement with it.  I love it, but it seems I've
appeared a little too late.  Are the old Groo TPBs ever going to be

On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Benny Ng wrote:

> Does anybody know which specific Usagi issues did Groo appear in ?
> On another point, I find Usagi an entertaining comic and I would start
> collecting if not for the fact that there is no color. To me, colors are an
> essential part of the comic reading experience as it really adds life to the
> characters.
> By the way, what's Tom Luth involved in these days ?
> bennido aka kool kat